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Isola Blue

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Isola Blu by Roja Dove is a Citrus fragrance for women and men.

Bergamot, Lime, Lemon, Lavender, Thyme, Apple, Black Currant, Champaca, Orange Blossom, Coconut, Jasmine, Lily, Grass, Birch, Ambergris, Mate, Cedar, Juniper Berries, Pink Pepper, Amber, Labdanum, Musk, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Orris Root, Leather and Anise.

Eau De Perfum
Available in Only 35ml

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Introducing “Impression of Isola Blu” by Roja Dove – a dazzling citrus fragrance that transcends gender boundaries, designed to captivate both women and men. This exquisite Eau de Parfum is a masterful creation that pays homage to the spirit of Isola Blu.

Fragrance Notes: Impression of Isola Blu opens with a vibrant burst of citrus brilliance, where the zesty notes of Bergamot, Lime, and Lemon merge to create an invigorating and refreshing top. Lavender and Thyme add an aromatic and herbal twist, while the crispness of Apple and the sweetness of Black Currant contribute to the overall vibrancy.

As the fragrance develops, the heart reveals a floral symphony that includes the exotic Champaca, the delicate Orange Blossom, and the tropical allure of Coconut. Jasmine, Lily, and the earthy essence of grass bring depth and complexity, while Birch and Ambergris provide a subtle smokiness and sophistication.

The base notes of Impression of Isola Blu unveil a rich tapestry of scents. A fusion of Mate, Cedar, Juniper Berries, and Pink Pepper create a warm and spicy foundation, complemented by the opulence of Amber, Labdanum, and the sensuality of Musk. The depth continues with the earthy tones of Patchouli and Oakmoss, balanced by the sweetness of Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Orris Root. Leather and Anise add a final touch of intrigue, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication.

Eau De Parfum Strength: Impression of Isola Blu by Roja Dove is available exclusively in a 35ml size. The Eau de Parfum concentration ensures a long-lasting and impactful scent experience, allowing you to embrace the essence of Isola Blu throughout the day and into the night.

Indulge in the magic of Impression of Isola Blu and let this fragrance transport you to a place of beauty and elegance. With its intricate blend of citrus, florals, and woody elements, it captures the essence of a Mediterranean paradise. Elevate your personal scent collection with this exquisite creation and leave an unforgettable impression wherever you go.


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